Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Less than 3 months away!

We are so excited to get married and celebrate with all our friends and family. Please visit the "wedding details" tab to find more day-of information. Formal invitations will be sent in September.


Rachel grew up in McKinney, Texas and attended Texas A&M University (Whoop!). Mike grew up in Leawood, Kansas and attended University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!).

Mike and Rachel both moved to Seattle to work for Amazon. They met when Rachel was leading a training for his new-hire group.

Mike: "I waited in line for at least 10 minutes to ask her a question I googled while waiting. Then, I mistook her Aggie ring for a wedding ring and thought I didn't have a shot. Man am I glad I was wrong."

Rachel: "I remember seeing him in the audience and thinking to myself 'don't look at the cute guy... don't look at the cute guy... !' Then he came up afterwards and asked this question that made no sense... but I decided to look past it :)"

On one of their first dates, Rachel and Mike played hooky from work (sorry boss...) and had a "Sports Day" where they went for a run, played basketball, played tennis and threw the football.

Rachel: "We played basketball first and I was expecting him to go easy on me. Instead, first shot I took he came charging at me, blocked my shot and yelled 'Not in my house!!'"

Mike proposed to Rachel down in College Station, TX. Though we had to postpone our original wedding date due to COVID, it's only increased our excitement!

We hope you are able to join us as we embark on our greatest adventure yet!
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